Mental Health

Mental health problems are more common among students than the general population and we are committed to ensuring easy access to mental health support and guidance for all students

Mental health problems are more common among students than the general population and the stresses of student life can trigger a range of mental health issues.  In 2014 the College and SU made our Time To Change pledge to help tackle the stigma attached to mental health and to provide the services needed by students.

Don't keep your worries or feelings a secret, telling someone how you feel may bring a sense of relief to you immediately. Initially you might want to talk to a friend, a family member, your personal adviser, staff within Student Advisory & Wellbeing, someone from the GP Surgery, or the Students' Union. They will be able to advise and support you as required.  Here are some of the teams we have available to support you.

Mental Health Adviser

We also have a Mental Health Adviser & Specialist Mentor within Disability & Dyslexia Services who will be able to help you by co-ordinating the services and support you need if you have a diagnosed mental health condition. Your mental health condition may mean you can apply for reasonable adjustments such as extra time in exams and specialist mentoring. Talk to the Mental Health Adviser (Disability & Dyslexia Services) about this.

Primary Care Mental Health  

The Primary Care Mental Health Practioners provide mental healthcare to students who require support in primary care and form with the NHS GP surgery a common point of entry for triage, assessment and referral (where needed) onto specialist mental health services. Email the team to discuss your circumstances and whether a mental health triage appointment would be helpful.

Student Counselling

Counselling provides you with the opportunity to look at any underlying issues that might have led to unhappiness or worries within a safe environment and the student counsellor will help you develop ways of coping. 

Student Wellbeing

General concerns about your mental wellbeing can be taken to the Student Wellbeing team.  This team do not provide clinical support but can guide students on maintaining good wellbeing and can refer to our clinical and specialist services where appropriate.  

GP Surgery (NHS managed)

The GP Surgery has a full team of GP and Nurse Practitioners who have good experience with students and mental health. In addition to their services we also have a number of visiting specialists including a Psychiatrist, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Eating Disorders Nurse and Talking Therapies.

Talking Therapies (NHS service)

Problems such as anxiety, depression, stress and phobias are very common. Talking Therapies is a friendly and approachable service that helps people with these problems and they are there to help adults aged 18+ from this area and have a team of advisers and therapists who can help you to overcome life's difficulties and problems and manage them better.  Talking Therapies attend the NHS GP Surgery on campus each week during term time and by arrangement during the vacation period.  

Hub of Hope

The online resource Hub of Hope quickly and easily identifies the mental health services in your area.  You can enter the postcode of where you are and it will provide you a list of local facilities.  

Time to Change pledge

Time to Change is an initiative set up by several mental health charities

Time to Change Pledge