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Staying Well

Alcohol and drugs, physical and mental health

The College recognises that the misuse of alcohol, drugs and other substances (including legal-highs) by its students is likely to have damaging consequences, including the risks of:

  • Damaging the mental and physical health and wellbeing of the user
  • Undermining the user's ability to study and academic performance
  • Involving both the user and others in situations where their safety and well-being may be compromised
  • Increasing the likelihood of crime on campus and in the local area and of College students and others being the victims of such crime
  • Jeopardising the College and the Students' Union licenses to serve alcohol and provide entertainment
  • Adversely affecting the College's reputation

We ask all students to ensure they read and understand our Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Misuse code of practice

The College and SU have also agreed this joint statement on responsible alcohol consumption.  

The Students' Union have also passed a Safe Drinking policy.


This section also includes information on mental health.



We ask you to drink responsibly

Alcohol awareness

Drugs & Legal highs

It is our legal duty to ensure drug and 'legal-highs' use is strictly prohibited


Smoking & Shisha

Advice on smoking


Health Centre

How to get medical help or advice at Royal Holloway

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Mental Health

Mental health problems are more common among students than the general population