Appeals process


There is an appeals process for all disciplinary procedures, but the process differs based on which person or panel handled the original disciplinary.

In all cases, the request for an appeal must be submitted within seven days of the date of the letter confirming the imposed sanctions. There are four grounds for appeal and these are:

1) That the finding was against the weight of the evidence.

2) That the penalty is too severe or otherwise inappropriate.

3) That the process was not in accordance with the principles and procedures set out in these regulations, or were contrary to natural justice.

4) That fresh evidence can be presented, which was not available, or could not reasonably have been made available.

The full procedure for the handling of Student Discipline Appeals is explained in the Student Disciplinary Regulations.

The route for appeals for different situations is outlined in the table below:

Appeals Process

Sanctions imposed by... Appeal heard by... 

Community Liaison and Support Officer or Student Life & Support Manager

A Student Disciplinary Officer (submit form to Mike Johnson)
 Student Disciplinary Officer A Vice Principal (submit form to Mike Johnson)

Vice Principal's Panel

Student Disciplinary Appeal Committee (submit form to Mike Johnson)

 In order to submit an appeal, it must be submitted on the Student Discipline Appeal Form.