Minor misconduct


Minor misconduct is defined as behaviour which is unacceptable and breaks College Regulations, but isn’t judged to be so severe by the appropriate Authorised Officer as to require a review of the student’s registration at the College.

One example of minor misconduct which would be dealt with by an Authorised Officer is smoking in a hall of residence room. A likely sanction for this breach of Regulations would be a fine.

Minor misconduct will, in the first instance, be investigated by the Authorised Officer. Details of who the Authorised Officers are can be found in the table below.

The Authorised Officer will conduct a fair and reasonable enquiry allowing the student to hear the details of any complaint or allegation and to respond accordingly. The College Student Conduct Officer may then impose any of the sanctions as outlined in Section 22 of the Student Disciplinary Regulations. Alternatively, in the case of misconduct in halls of residence or in the local community, the Authorised Officer may impose sanctions as outlined in Appendices 5 & 6 of the Student Disciplinary Regulations.

If at any point the College Student Conduct Officer feels that the misconduct merits greater penalties, then the matter will be referred to a Deputy Principal, and the Major Misconduct procedures may be initiated at the Deputy Principal's request.

  Misconduct...  Authorised Officer  
Related to the use of cars and parking  Head of Security (or nominee)
Related to behaviour in academic buildings and associated buildings Head of School / Department (or nominee)
 Related to the use of the libraries Director of Library Services (or nominee)
 Related to the use of computing facilities Chief Information Officer (or nominee)
 Related to behaviour in halls of residence (see Appendix 5) Head of Residences (or nominee)
 Related to behaviour in the local community (see Appendix 6) Head of Student Wellbeing (or nominee)
  All minor misconduct Head of Student Advisory & Wellbeing (Nominated Student Conduct Officer) (or nominee)