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Careers in banking and beyond: Graduate advice


Our next Banking and Beyond panel takes place on 14 October 2019. Take a look at our events for more information.


2018 Banking and Beyond Alumni Panel

Royal Holloway graduates shared with students what they’ve been up to since graduation and gave advice on how to forge out a career in this dynamic sector.

Our panel of professionals from the world of banking, from companies as diverse as: Barclays Investment Bank, Barings, HSBC, EBRD and Funding Circle UK, shared their tips and advice on how to make an impact and break into the industry.

Banking and beyond alumni panel

A dynamic and ever-changing industry
  • If you look to the future of banking, it will focus on compliance, oversight and risk management.
  • Business and finance, like many industries is open to huge disruption and change. Resilience and adapatability are key
  • Compliance is a rapidly-growing area in the industry
  • It is the stewardship around it (banking) that has changed over the last few years.
Getting into the industry
  • Find work experience as soon as you possibly can
  • Make sure you’re doing extracurricular activities – make yourself stand out
  • Graduate schemes aren’t the be all and end all of finding a financial career. Don't be afraid of small companies or of firms that aren't big names. They have alot to offer you
  • If you don't have great results, don't rule this sector out. It's your complete skill set that matters
  • Making yourself look different from other candidates on your CV is key. I did a lot of volunteering throughout my studies and it helped me to stand out from the crowd
  • Start trading!
  • Sending speculative CVs is always a good idea. Persevere and who knows, someone may just respond.
Your skills and values matter
  • Time management, working well under pressure and attention to detail are key skills to have for the finance and consulting industry
  • Good communication skills are important. It is a very diverse and international environmen and the ability to communicate clearly is vital
  • Integrity is central to all roles in this industry
  • Diversity in discipline is vital to the finance industry
  • Make the effort to attend networking events: Networking kick started my career
  • My advice to you? a) Make sure you get the best grades you can and b) develop your commercial acumen 
  • Show an interest in the industry: Do your research, note something to discuss that's not obvious about the industry or company
  • Be good at excel – skill up now!
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