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Law Fair and Networking Evening: Here's what you had to say...


Our Law Fair and Networking Evening on Thursday 22 November from 6-8pm in the Picture Gallery is the ideal opportunity to explore your options and speak to professionals and Royal Holloway graduates who are working in the sector.

Any students who register for and attend the event will also be entered into a draw for a £25 Amazon voucher

Here's what students who attended last year's event had to say...

Law networking 4

Manisha Juttla, second year Criminology and Psychology (left)

Laura Chmielewska, second year Law (centre)

Laura Barrett, second year Law (right)

“We wanted to meet industry professionals and hear their personal accounts of how they got to where they are today in their career.

“What is a lawyer? What do they look like? How did they get to where they are now? We want an in-depth look at what a lawyer’s life is actually like.”

“As a Criminology and Psychology student, it was reassuring to know that many of the people we met tonight who work in the sector have non-law degrees.” Manisha Juttla (left)

Law networking 1

Peter Dowling, second year Law

“I’ve already researched a barrister who is going to be here this evening and what he specialises in, so that I’ve some questions prepared for him.

"The concept of networking is novel to me but I’m hoping that it’ll be a positive experience.”

Law networking 2

Raphaela Obeng and Brenda Ukay, second year Law

“We both want to practice Law and came to this event to get a realistic understanding of what it’s really like to work in the sector and ask, ‘Where did you start?’ and ‘What are you doing now?’”

Law networking 3

Selah Broux and Polina Andren, second year Law

“We want information on how to gain legal experience and to get some feedback on what stands out on an application.”

“The questions we have for the alumni are, 'What can I do to enhance my CV?' and 'How do I increase my employability?'."

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