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Activities to boost your CV during the pandemic

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There are lots of ways you can build on your skills and knowledge to boost your CV, in spite of the restrictions caused by the pandemic. We've put together some suggestions, take a look below!

Make use of free online courses

You can access a wealth of free online courses that help build industry knowledge and show motivation.

FutureLearn courses

You can access free courses on a range of subjects here.

Coursera courses

Check out a variety of free courses from Coursera

Build up your Excel skills

Try this free course from Udemy

Free courses with the Open University

Anyone can learn for free on OpenLearn from the Open University

Free courses on Alison

Access over 1,500 free online business courses on Alison

Learn a language

Learn a language for free online with Duolingo.


Learn business systems and applications

Learn to use real business systems and applications for free

Google Analytics

Beginner’s Certification: good for future marketeers and online content producers

Digital Garage

Access free digital marketing courses from Google.

Westlaw UK Basic Certification

Gain a basic understanding of law research.

Learn to trade for free

Interested in financial markets? Learn with IG's free demo account and podcasts 

Online courses from ACAS

Demonstrate your interest in HR or employment law.

Learn how to use MailChimp

MailChimp is a marketing platform used by both large and small businesses.

Learn how to use Salesforce

Salesforce is a client database used by marketing and sales departments.


Explore volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is very valuable in the current situation, and there are lots of opportunities available for you to explore.

Check the Volunteering pages on the student intranet

You can explore specific roles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Search for volunteering positions

Find a job role of your choice and in your local area through NCVO or Do It.

Covid Mutual Aid

Covid Mutual Aid is helping to coordinate activities. Check other local groups started by neighbours, councillors or MPs (NextDoor, Facebook and Twitter).

Online volunteering opportunities


Engage with industry bodies

Almost all industries have a professional body that supports people working in that sector. 

Sign up for news updates with professional bodies.

Sometimes these bodies have divisions for students/ new grads. Sign up for news updates, follow them on social media and consider attending any free events when they start up again. For example, the Society of Young Publishers.

UK Industry Associations

Check out the list of all UK Industry associations.


Explore working from home opportunities

Work from home opportunities may be more limited this summer but it’s worth checking these out

Data gathering from home

Companies like Lionbridge hire workers to do tasks such as data gathering.

Test companies websites

Get paid to test companies websites. Check out UserTesting or TestingTime.


Get paid for transcribing information.

Become an online tutor

Check out MyTutorSuperprof or TutorHub

Translation jobs

Do small translation jobs if you have language skills.

Freelance opportunities on small projects

Freelance on small projects – writing, composing, coding. Check out top tips.


Develop your social media accounts

When a potential employer Googles your name, use your social media accounts make the right impression

Create a career-focused Twitter/Instagram/Facebook account

Re-posting content, following others in an industry you’re interested in, liking and sharing can be effective ways to build your network and learn the language of the sector.

Maintain your online presence

Check out Sheffield's useful general guide to maintaining your online presence.

Connect with people through the Royal Holloway alumni page on LinkedIn.

Have a “virtual coffee” and ask about their career story, useful sources of information, tips on your CV, or ask them to introduce you to other useful contacts through LinkedIn.


Review your hobbies

Consider how your hobbies can demonstrate your skills

Endurance sports

Endurance sports suggest that a person has tenacity, perseverance and drive

High risk pursuits

High risk pursuits such as mountain climbing and sky diving can suggest that a person is happy to push boundaries and take calculated risks

Creative/cultural hobbies

Creative/cultural hobbies demonstrate your creative mind, writing skills or hunger for knowledge

Team sports

Team sports show how you can work in pursuit of a common goal.

Community groups

Community group involvement can suggest that you are someone who is comfortable collaborating with others.


Consider blogging or vlogging

If you have something to say that’s relevant to your career plans, consider writing it down or making video content

Start a vlog

You can find some useful information on getting started here.

You can sometimes make money from it


Do some market research & mystery shopping

You can earn a little bit of money from doing market research or mystery shopping for companies.

Ipsos Mori

Get paid for each interview you complete for Ipsos Mori

Mystery shopping

You can make a little bit of cash by mystery shopping. Check out Market Force or Ipsos Mori.