Internships & work experience


 Why do I need experience?

  • Research shows that graduates with work experience are more likely to be hired.  Once they're in a job, they are more likely to be successful.
  • As well as an opportunity to sample a job or an industry area to see if it suits you, finding out what is not right for you is just as valuable; by the end of your work experience you will be more realistic and informed about future career choices.
  • You may discover which sort of activities you value, what sort of working environments are most comfortable for you, how you work in teams and how you respond to colleagues.
  • Large corporate employers now often recruit their graduate trainees from the students who have been on their internship schemes.

How much work experience do I need?

The real issue with any experience is not “How long was it?” but “What did I learn?” In applications and interviews employers are keen to get you talking about your work experience. What would your experiences allow you to say about your work history? 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or simply want a chat about your career journey, why not book a one-to-one appointment with a Careers Consultant online?

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