Work Experience

Work experience & work shadowing

Sometimes organisations which are not able to offer internships or placements will allow you to ‘work shadow’ someone. This involves spending time with a professional, watching what their role entails. It may be for one or two days.

Work experience could either be viewed as a shorter, less structured internship or a longer work shadowing opportunity! Typically one week to a month, work experience is almost always unpaid.

You can gain Passport points for undertaking a minimum of one half-day shadowing work by completing the Professional Shadowing form and submitting it to the Passport team.  You can only shadow once per organisation, but you can shadow as many times as you like at different organisations.

Where can I find opportunities?

In order to identify work shadowing or work experience possibilities you will need to pinpoint the career area(s) you would like to research and then look for suitable people to shadow. It's worth asking friends and family if they have contacts you might be able to shadow.

The process is very similar to finding a job using a "speculative approach" (PDF)

If you'd like to talk it over with one of our advisers, feel free to make an appointment.

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