Careers De-Stressed Challenge

The Seven-Day Work-Life Balance Challenge

Balancing work and private life can be difficult, especially early in your role where you may feel pressure to work long hours and put in maximum effort in order to stand out from the crowd. But overworking yourself is bad both for your productivity, and for your wellbeing.

Work-life balance doesn’t just start when you reach the workplace, it can be important at university as well, especially at times of the year when you’re swamped with deadlines or exams!  It is also crucial when you are job hunting – applying for jobs all day every day isn’t possible or healthy!

That’s why we’ve put together this Passport Challenge to help you make sure you’re taking time for yourself.

Each day you should perform one enjoyable activity that is not part of your normal routine. This could include:

  • Take a long bath with salts / candles / etc.
  • If it’s good weather, eat your lunch outdoors with friends
  • Go to a gym class or a 'give it a go' session
  • Take part in one of Advisory and Wellbeing’s Mindfulness sessions
  • Try meditating, progressive muscle relaxation or other breathing techniques (we can suggest some apps / online tools such as Headspace)
  • Go somewhere new (walk around Virginia Water, visit Egham Museum, visit Richmond or Windsor)
  • Cook something out of the ordinary for yourself or a friend

Make a note of what you’ve done each day in this table (download here) and at the end of the week send it to us along with a few pictures of some of the things you’ve done to complete the challenge. And if you’ve found them useful, try and incorporate them into your usual routine!

Email your table and photos in to to earn 5 Passport Points.

Do it in March 2018 for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher. 

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