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Make the Most of the Careers Fair: The 2018 Commercial Awareness Challenge

Commercial awareness is one of those terms which you may or may not have heard of, and more often than not students aren’t really sure what it means. That said, it is also one of the top 9 skills which graduate recruiters are looking for.  And, it is also where employers find one of the biggest ‘skills gaps’ when they are recruiting new graduates.  According to the Institute of Student Employers 2017 annual survey of top graduate recruiters companies report that only 15% of graduates have the skill ‘commercial awareness’.   This is why we have put together this Passport Challenge to develop your commercial awareness by helping you put yourself in the top 85% of graduate applicants.   Plus this challenge has a double benefit because it will help you make the most of the Careers Fair on the 24th October!

For this challenge you need to download the Careers Fair Plus App and look up two companies that you are interested in, working through the information required on the Moodle page.

Here’s what to do!

  1. Go to Passport Challenges on the Careers & Employability Moodle page
  2. Open up the challenge
  3. Answer all the questions for two companies (copy and paste the questions into the Essay box, and add your answers).

Then what?

Once you have successfully completed the challenge you can add it to your CV to illustrate commercial awareness, by writing something like: "Commercial Awareness: developed insights into xxx sector by successfully completing the Royal Holloway Commercial Awareness Passport Challenge."

If you complete all sections fully you will automatically get 5 Passport Points. 

PLUS…one winner, randomly selected from all students who undertake this challenge in October 2018 will receive a £20 Amazon voucher!

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