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Equality Essentials

Our March 2019 Passport Challenge is a short eLearning course called “Equality Essentials” that will teach you the basics of equality and diversity policy in the workplace. On the course you will explore attitudes and behaviours to help promote equality and value diversity, and you will be encouraged to consider the impact of positive and fair behaviour within the workplace and ways to handle harassment.


Fair and diverse workplaces are everyone’s business! But it’s especially YOUR business if you are considering a career in management, human resources, consultancy or policy-making.

Here’s what to do:

1.       Click on this link and sign in to Moodle. Click the “Enrol” button to join the Equality & Diversity course.

2.       Complete the course – this should take around 40 minutes.

3.       Take a screenshot of your final score (note that this must be 80% or over to get the 5 Passport Points). Email your screenshot to and 5 Passport Points will be yours.


Then what?

Feel good about how useful your new knowledge will be!

You can then add the course in a section called “Achievements” or “Further training” on your CV or in your “Education” or “Profile” section. Be sure to add it as a “Course” in your LinkedIn profile too. You could say something like:

Interest in workplace equality: Passed an online course called 'Equality Essentials' to develop my practical knowledge of diversity issues at work. Achieved a score of 90%

Send us your screenshot in March 2019 and you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a £20 Amazon voucher!

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