Isosceles Excel Challenge

"In a financial setting, Microsoft Excel is the tool of choice since it is a flexible and powerful application that can be used in a wide variety of situations.  Being able to demonstrate you have more than just basic knowledge of Excel will make your CV stand out, especially if you can confidently name some advanced functions that you know how to use.

In organisations, the need often arises to perform some analysis work on large data sets.  In an ideal world, we would have business systems or apps that are professionally developed for us that give us everything we need; but the reality is that there will always be tasks that are ad-hoc in nature, are needed urgently or simply don't justify the expense of a full solution developed by IT.  This is where Microsoft Excel is indispensable."

Peter Molloy, HR Manager
Isosceles Finance Ltd


Peter says "The Passport Challenge is based on a real world situation, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and do some real Excel work.  The best way to learn Excel is to do it.

We’ve got a data download and some tasks to complete that are just too big and too important to complete by hand. If you can use the power of Excel formulas to complete the tasks quickly and accurately your boss will love you. On the other hand, get the sales people’s commissions wrong or late and you’ll soon have them on your case! Good luck."

In this Challenge:

  • You will gain confidence and expertise in using a range of functionalities in Excel.
  • You will experience what it’s like to use Excel for workplace tasks. 

For this Challenge you have to manipulate some data in Excel and complete a quiz on Moodle about it. 

Here’s what to do!

  1. Go to Passport Challenges on the Careers & Employability Moodle page.
  2. Down load the Isosceles Excel spreadsheet to your PC.
  3. Do the quiz.

Then what?

If you get over 75% you will automatically get 10 Passport Points.  If you get less than 75% just redo the quiz till you get the score you need. 

PLUS…the highest scorer during February 2019 will be awarded a £20 Amazon voucher!*

*If lots of you get 100% you will go into a prize draw for the voucher.

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