Marketing Campaign Challenge

“Challenging what makes a great marketing campaign and understanding how and why businesses approach campaigns the way they do is part and parcel of working in digital marketing. This Passport Challenge is a great way to start crafting your own perspective on what makes a great campaign and how it can inform your own work as well as giving you practise writing business emails.”

Rhiannon Davies, Global Creative Marketing Coordinator at Netflix

(Rhiannon is contributing her time in a personal capacity for the purposes of this challenge)



You are an intern with a world-leading sportswear company. The marketing director has sent all the interns an important email. Your challenge is to respond by writing an appropriately worded email.

Here’s what to do!

1.  Read the following email that has been sent:


"Dear all

We are all aware that our competitors have been gaining market share over the last 12 months. This is due, in part, to some very effective marketing campaigns. It is clear that we need to reinvigorate our marketing. To collect ideas, I am inviting you to reply to me with details of a brilliant marketing campaign from any other company in any other sector. I will use the ideas you send as inspiration for our new marketing campaign.

Please articulate why you think the campaign is creatively smart and tell me about the parts of a campaign that make it a great way of motivating customers to buy.  You might want to consider; does it break through the cultural zeitgeist, does it recognise and play on a new user behaviour; was it a great 360 campaign that interacted with consumers in lots of ways? 

You all know how busy I am at the moment, so please make your messages to me around 300-400 words. I need it by midnight, 28th February 2019.


Saiyida Harvey
Marketing Director"


2.  Produce your response and send it to  The subject of the email MUST be Marketing Campaign Challenge.

Then what?

You will receive 5 passport points for your completed entry.

All entries will be collated after the closing date of 28th February 2019.  Entries will then be sent to marketing professional Rhiannon Davies, who is an alumna of Royal Holloway. She will choose a winner, which will be announced early March.  You will also receive 5 passport points.

The winner will be awarded a £20 Amazon voucher!

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