Numeracy Skills for Trainee Teachers

This challenge is supported by CeDAS.

'When going into teaching one needs subject knowledge but also numeracy and literacy skills. Completing this Passport Challenge will provide you with a chance to practise questions typically found in Numeracy Professional Skills tests. It may also help you identify any areas that need improvement to be successful when applying for teacher training.’ Kinga Zaczek, Teaching Fellow

If you need help with any numerical reasoning tests, please speak to the CeDAS team.

Thinking of applying for Teaching Training?  Did you know that you'll have to complete a numeracy test as part of the application process. We can help!

This is a practice test adapted from Department for Education practice tests. It has been designed to allow trainee teacher applicants to prepare for the Numeracy Professional Skills test which needs to be passed prior to the start of the course. This resource aims to familiarise applicants with question types and test format and provides practise in answering typical questions. 

Here’s what to do!

  1. Go to Passport Challenges on the Careers & Employability Moodle page.
  2. Work through the challenge quiz.

Then what?

If you are applying for teaching you can refer to doing this challenge in your application to illustrate your proactivity and motivation for the role/course. You can also include it in your CV for other applications, this is ideal as pretty much all jobs will ask for ‘numeracy skills’ and some students, especially arts graduates can find it hard to find recent examples.  An example of how to position it on your CV would be: "Numeracy skills: Completed a series of numerical reasoning exercises to  achieve 84% in the Teaching Numeracy Challenge."

If you get over 75% you will automatically get 5 Passport Points.  If you get less than 75% just redo the quiz till you get the score you need. 

PLUS…the highest scorer during October 2018 will be awarded a £20 Amazon voucher!*

*If lots of you get 100% you will go into a prize draw for the voucher.

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