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Passport Award closing

The College’s Passport Award is coming to an end in August 2020 as part of a wider plan to implement a range of support for you around career skills development in the next academic year. We'll soon be providing some information about the new ‘careers skills’ support in 2020/21, but for now, take a look below for details on how you can get the passport award, before it closes in August 2020.

How do I get the Passport Award in 2019/20?

  1. To get your Passport Award you need to have gained 50 or more points and undertaken the online completion session by 24 August 2020. Email for more information.
  2. Discover the activities that contribute to Passport points on this page
  3. Look out for the new activity, the LinkedIn Challenge (details on the Passport Challenge link below)
  4. Points are also available to recognise volunteering work that you might be doing in your local community. To receive these points, email the team at


The Royal Holloway Passport Award is our unique Employability award and every student is automatically enrolled at the start of their studies. It is a structured way to record the activities you undertake to improve your employability and skills, as well as develop ways of showcasing them to future employers, giving you a competitive edge on the job market.

There are over 280 activities in more than 30 areas which enable you to earn points. In addition, our Passport Challenges give you the opportunity to earn extra points by developing your skills online.  Find out more by checking out the Passport Challenges page.

Want to know what's available across campus?  Download a PDF of the full points tariff

Want to do even more?  Aim for the Gold Passport Award.

You can check how many points you currently have by logging into Campus Connect and clicking on the RHUL Passport Award tab. Points are uploaded weekly on a Thursday evening so will show up on your tab on Fridays.



Moodle Course


Passport Challenges



The Royal Holloway Passport Award is coordinated by the Careers & Employability Service. For enquiries please email 


What our graduates say

"Perhaps the most exciting part was the free certificate I received in the post from WestLaw a few weeks after completing the challenge. It really made me feel like I'd achieved something special and, of course, I've added it to my LinkedIn profile and CV."
BA English, 2017

"The Passport Award is a great way to stand out from the crowd to employers." 
BSc Economics, 2017