The Passport Award


The Royal Holloway Passport Award is unique to Royal Holloway and every student is automatically enrolled at the start of their studies. It is a structured way to record the activities you undertake to improve your employability and skills, whether you’re at the 'Evaluate', 'Explore’ or 'Enact' stages of your career journey. The Passport Award helps you to think about, identify and improve your employability skills, as well as develop ways of showcasing them to future employers, giving you a competitive edge on the job market.


Careers consultant Rae Roberts, explains what's involved in the Royal Holloway Passport Award and how you can gain skills, experience and recognition for activities beyond your academic studies.

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There are over 250 activities in more than 30 areas which enable you to earn points. In addition, our Passport Challenges which give you the opportunity to earn extra points by developing your skills online.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF of the points tariff

There’s no need to sign up to the Passport Award. All students are automatically enrolled on the scheme, and you can complete the award at any time during your studies at Royal Holloway. If you are eligible, you can sign up for an online Moodle Completion Session or one of our tailored face-to-face Completion Session events on Target Connect.

To complete the Passport Award you need to collect 80 points from activities and a final 20 points by attending a 'Completion Session' with the Careers Service. You will be invited to this once you have accumulated sufficient points to eligible to complete the award. The Completion Session is the only compulsory part of the Passport Award.  If you do not complete, you cannot obtain the award, so make sure you attend a session prior to graduating.

If you complete the Passport Award, you will be eligible to undertake the Gold Award.

You can check how many points you currently have by logging into Campus Connect and clicking on the RHUL Passport Award tab.



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The Royal Holloway Passport Award is coordinated by the Careers & Employability Service. For enquiries please email




What our graduates say

"What's great about the Passport Award is that it allowed me to state on my CV that the University had formally recognised the work that I put in to extra-curricular activities and the skills I had gained."
BSc Geography and PIR, 2013

"The co-curricular activities I did at university were a major factor in contributing to me finding work, and demonstrated to my employer that I had learned skills beyond my degree."
BA English Literature, 2013