Westlaw Challenge



The devil’s in the detail – in these unpredictable times, relying on ‘good enough’ leaves you open to mistakes.  You need trusted answers to help you take the right action quickly and confidently.

Westlaw UK.

This Passport Challenge will introduce you to Westlaw.  Westlaw provides an unbeatable library of legal information for people working with the law – whether that’s for a global firm or as a sole trader. 

For this Challenge you will get certified in Westlaw UK. 

You don’t have to have studied law at university to work in law, but, you do need relevant experience.  Westlaw UK Basic Certification provides an introduction to Westlaw UK covering effective searching, refining results and using status icons to ensure you are using ‘good’ law. It’s useful whether you’re a law student, thinking about getting into law or considering another related career. 

There are a range of Westlaw Training Sessions available at the library on the 9 and 10 November. 

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to and start the interactive ‘Basic Certification’ course. 
  2. Complete the course (4-6 hours) and do the test at the end to get your certification. 
  3. Email proof of course completion to

Then what?

  • You’ll get 10 Passport Points
  • And, you will feel proud that you finished the course!
  • You'll also be able to add the certification in a section called 'Achievements' or 'Awards' on your CV or in your profile section at the top. Be sure to add it to your LinkedIn profile too. You could say something like:

"Legal sector knowledge: Completed the Westlaw UK Basic Certification. Learned how to effectively use the Westlaw library to search, refine results and use ‘good law’." 

PLUS…if you do the Challenge during November 2017 you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher!

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