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Upcoming Employers in Residence: Watch this space for more employers events!
Employer Sector Date and time Location

Multi-language Employers in Residence



Education First

Universal Language Training

Various 3-5pm, Thursday 31 January Event Space
Civil Service Fast Stream Government 1-4pm, Monday 28 January Careers Centre
Teach First Teaching 3-5pm, Thursday 4 February Careers Centre
Weydon School Teaching 2-4pm, Tuesday 26 February Careers Centre

What is the Employer in Residence scheme?

Hundreds of alumni and employers visit our campus every year to speak about student and graduate career opportunities, and to offer career coaching and top tips. 

With previous employers including PwC, the Civil Service, BBC and Deloitte, these visits are an invaluable opportunity for you to network with potential future employers and get ahead of the crowd.

Students can book a to speak with visiting employers to explore their options in different sectors and for advice on applications in a relaxed, informal environment. Depending on demand, this may be one-to-one or in a small group. These are ideal situations for you to evaluate what skills are vlaued in the workplace and assess the type of company and job roles that appeal to you.

Where does it take place?

You meet visiting employers in our dedicated employer area in the Careers & Employability Centre, Davison Building or on campus.

What might you talk about?

You have the opportunity to ask employers about anything related to their job, company or sector, from 'What is a typical day like?', 'What experience do you need before applying?', to 'How to make a good application?'.

You can get an honest idea about whether it’s the right career move for you as an individual and you can also get more information that other candidates don’t have to make your application or interview performance stand out.

As it’s not an interview, they aren’t judging you! 

How do you book to see an employer?

The sessions are drop-in, however we do recommend that you book your time slot ahead on the Careers Portal to avoid disappointment. Our helpdesk team are available to advise you and you can always book an appointment with one of our Careers Consultants before you meet an employer.

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