Graduate jobs

Finding graduate jobs and applying to graduate schemes

What is a graduate job?

A graduate job is simply a job that requires a degree (though there is a more complex definition of a “graduate job” used for collating official statistics).

It differs from a graduate scheme in that there is usually no rotation between departments. You would be employed to do a specific job and after some basic training you would start work straight away.

Before you apply to jobs, it’s important to think about what kind of organisation and what kind of role might suit you.

What are my chances?

Although exact figures are not available, it is clear that there are more graduate jobs than there are graduate scheme places. Entry requirements are often lower too. Although many employers request a 2:1, many do not.

For many graduate jobs your degree does not need to be related to the employer’s business (though this may not be the case for specific industries like IT).

How do I find graduate jobs?

All sizes of companies offer graduate jobs, including many small and medium sized companies (SMEs).

Although some roles are clearly identified as graduate jobs (e.g. “Graduate Advisor”, “Graduate Consultant”) many will not be (e.g. “Advisor”, “Junior Consultant”), so when you see a role that might be interesting it’s always a good idea to look at the job advert to see whether you meet the employer’s requirements.

Read our guide to finding jobs for more tips.

When do I apply?

Employers can recruit at any time, sometimes many months before and sometimes just a few weeks before they need someone to start. It’s always a good idea to start early.

What about Graduate Schemes, are they worth applying for?

Find out more about graduate schemes here.

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