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Graduate Destinations Survey 2017


Thank you for accessing our destinations survey. If you complete the survey prior to February 26th 2018 and you received your invitation to complete it directly from us we will send a £5 amazon voucher to your Royal Holloway student email, which is still active. If you have not received your voucher before 6/03/2018 please contact the Careers and Employability Service, but check your spam and clutter folders first!


  • Name
  • Please answer Q1 and 2, which are applicable to everyone.
  • 1. Which of the following activities were you doing on January 10th 2018? (You may choose more than one if appropriate.)
  • 2. Which of your activities was the most important to you? (Choose only ONE)
  • Please answer Q3-7 if you were working. If not, go straight to Q8.
  • 5. What best describes the basis of your employment?
  • If you were not studying, you have finished the survey. Please click on the SUBMIT button below to receive your Amazon voucher. If you were studying, please answer the following questions.
  • 8. Which option best describes the course you were studying?