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Whether you still need to take the first steps in planning for what you’ll do once you graduate or would like some advice on job opportunities, your CV or applications; the Careers & Employability Service is here to help you plan for your graduate career.


We’ve put together some handy resources to set you on the right track for deciding what you'll do after you graduate:


1. Decide what you want to do when you graduate

  • Sometimes the most difficult decision is pinpointing what your chosen or ideal career path is. The 60-minute ‘Choosing a career’ Moodle course will help you to decide what your next step is. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the link)
  • Complete the short Get Hired Helper questionnaire to decide what your next step should be.
  • Our Moodle activities will help you to:

           Learn how to progress (or start!) your job hunt

           Decide what option is right for you

           Apply like a pro!

2. Upgrade your LinkedIn profile

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, one useful way to prepare for real-world recruitment and the workplace is to create your account on this professional social media platform.
If you do have a profile, the Easter break is also a good time to refresh your photo and content and link in with Royal Holloway alumni, former and current colleagues, and follow employers in your chosen sectors.
Read the LinkedIn student guide resource and networking tips.

3. Sort the essentials: CV, application forms & cover letter
Whether you’re applying for a part-time job, looking for an internship or planning for your first graduate job; it’s really helpful to upskill now and learn how to write a CV, application and cover letter.

These resources will set you on the right track.

4. Prepare to ace interviews
When it comes to interviews, practice really does help and this practice facility is a useful way to see how you respond in an interview situation. There are also lots of resources and videos of actual interviews to learn from.

5. Get psychometric test ready
Psychometric tests are a method used by some recruiters to assess your suitability for a role. They involve answering a series of questions online within a certain time limit and are generally used by larger employers who receive large numbers of applications. They could also be one of the tasks at an assessment centre. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare is a useful way to improve your test performance.

6. Go international
If you’re planning to work outside the UK this international toolkit is packed with everything you need to know about finding jobs and internships abroad.

7. Kick start your job hunt

Did you know that our web pages advertise up to 2,000 jobs every week? If you're planning for after graduation, seraching for an internship or a summer job to earn extra cash and increase your employability skills; there are roles for all students. Explore job opportunities now.

8. Here to help: Book a one-to-one careers coaching session 
If you haven’t yet explored the Careers Centre in the Davison, make the most of your extra time and book a one-to-one with a Careers Consultant.

No question is too small and if you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed or anxious, or simply have a quick query; the Careers & Employability Service team will set you on course.


Careers support

Complete these Moodle activities in your own time to help you learn and decide what you want to do after graduation and apply for graduate job opportunities!



how to progress (or start!) your job hunt

Get Hired Pink


what option is right for you

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like a pro!

Get Hired Pink