Calling all final year students!

We want to help you #GetHired

Get Hired is here to help you get your next steps sorted before you graduate and answer that question – what are you planning after graduation?

Whatever stage in the job hunt you're at, take part in our Moodle activity to:

  • Learn how to progress (or start!) your job hunt
  • Decide what option is right for you
  • Apply like a pro!





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Learn how to progress (or start!) your job hunt

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Decide what option is right for you

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APPLY like a pro!

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Come & speak to us!

Whether you're unsure what to do or need to chat through an application, why not book a one-to-one with a Careers Consultant?

Here's an idea of what students are asking us in one-to-ones:

  • “I’m ready to start sorting out my career. How do I get started?”
  • “I didn’t get into a graduate scheme. I’m not sure what to do now.”
  • “I’m so busy. How can I fit in job hunting?”
  • “Everyone else seems to know what they’re doing, but I’ve no idea!”

We can help with anything careers related and help ease the stress of job hunting, so book now!


Our graduates go on to do amazing things- we want that to be you!
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