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Student profile: Harry Applegate


First year Law student Harry Applegate, shares how he's preparing now for his future career and how his involvement in clubs and societies is helping him to learn new skills and boost his employability.

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You’re interested in a career in Law – why does this career pathway appeal to you?
Law isn’t an easy subject by any means. It consists of lots of rules and strict principles. I'm so interested in how all of those concepts work and applying them to scenarios and advocating them.

Why did you decide to get involved in the Law Society?
I wanted to represent people. It’s common today for people to tolerate something, but there is always an opportunity for change. I wanted to have a responsibility and put my name out in the School of Law. I wanted to bring the concerns and appreciations of our conduct to the floor and improve our society.

What is your role with the Law Society and what’s involved in your role?
My role as first year representative is to bridge the gap between committee and the members. It is my job to advertise events we are holding, hear any concerns or proposals they might have and keep involvement high. With help from committee, I plan to arrange events for the first years such as guest speakers and workshops for coursework.

How is your involvement in societies helping to boost your employability?
I'm a member of the Law Society and Hockey Club.

Hockey is a great indicator of team work, working under pressure and determination. And being a member of the Law Society shows you’re deeply interested in the subject and it's also extra-ciricurricular too. I’ve been asked by second years to provide legal research for mooting cases and I plan to take part in mock court. Telling an interviewer you are a team player and determined isn’t what they are looking for. Like any good law student will, you have to back up your arguments and prove you have these skills!

Alongside your studies, what else are you planning to do to prepare for your graduate career?

I am trying to secure work placements with family contacts for summer and to build a legal profile for myself so my CV can stand out from the rest of the pile. Training contracts are hard to get and people should aim to develop and build on themselves and their experiences to be noticed and secure a graduate job. 

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