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Enact and take action

  • 'I have decided on one or more career options and I am applying for, or learning how to apply for, opportunities.'
  • ‘I know what I want to do’  

This is the stage for you to put your plans into action; it’s the time when you enact the discoveries and decisions you have previously made to apply, compete and secure opportunities.

This could be:

  • Applying to graduate jobs, graduate internships or graduate schemes
  • Securing part-time work to gain experience in your sector
  • Applying for other placements and internships
  • Postgraduate study
  • We've also listed some resources and examples below.

Questions to ask yourself at the ENACT stage include:

  • Is my CV professional and tailored to each opportunity I am applying for?
  • Do I need interview or assessment centre practice?
  • Have I developed resilience to continue applying for things, if I don’t get what I want at the first try?
  • Am I looking for opportunities in the right places?Career_Aspiration_Strategy_graphic

Discover the other stages of the framework

You may realise that you're in one of the other stages. Check out the Evaluate and Explore pages and choose the one most suited to where you are now, and take one step to kick start your graduate career!

You can also complete our 'What stage are you at?' quiz on Moodle.

Remember, these stages are not purely linear: you might arrive at university with a long-held plan of pursuing a particular job, but gradually discover that you think you aren’t really suited to that after all. 

Similarly, you might be in your final year at the ENACT stage and are applying for particular jobs and schemes, and find that you need more work experience, or more connections. You would then be wise to return to the EXPLORE stage, to build a more solid foundation going forward.

If you need more guidance on what stage you are at now, or want advice on how to move on to the next stage, you can book a one-to-one appointment with a Careers Consultant. Find out more.

What's on?

Now that you have discovered and evaluated what you would like to do in your career and reseached and explored your options, it's time to take action. Check out our upcoming events and activities that will help you take those final steps and prepare to 'Enact' and get hired! Find out more.



CV and application checks

  • Did you know that you can have your applications checked BEFORE sending them off? Book a CV Check/Application appointment with the Careers & Employability Service. Register to use the Careers Portal, go to the appointments tab and book your time slot here. Skype and phone appointments are also available. If you have any queries, contact the Careers team
  • Throughout the academic year, the Careers & Employability Service holds CV and application check workshops both in the Event Space and in departments. Keep an eye on the Careers events calendar for upcoming workshops as well as updates from your department!
  • You can also access these online resources/eLearning courses:

Your Personal Tutor

You can discuss what stage you're at in planning for your future career with your Personal Tutor, who will point you in the right direction to help you decide what your next step may be. Your Personal Tutor may also advise you on preparing your personal statement for job applications.

Book a one-to-one appointment with a Careers Consultant

When you are in the 'Enact' stage, it helps to have a careers appointment to discuss your job search strategy and to receive guidance.

Register to use the Careers Portal, go to the appointments tab and book your time slot here.  

Skype and phone appointments are also available. If you have any queries, contact the Careers team.

Hone your skills through our Skill Gateway and one-to-one advice

Here on campus, you have the opportunity to receive coaching and learn skills relevant to aptitude tests and assessment centres.The College's Skills Gateway offers you lots of opportunities to improve these skills that are valued by employers by skilling up online or with one-to-one advice. Check out the gateway and use the resources as an opportunity to evaluate what skills you have and how you cand get help to improve these skills. Find out more.

Network with alumni

At Royal Holloway, students have the opportunity to meet with alumni throughout the academic year. The alumni who visit campus are always willing to engage with students. We encourage you to take the opportunity to hear them present at the Careers & Employability Services's sector-focused alumni panels, when they return to departments or join us as employers at Careers Fairs and as employers in residence.

They have the insight knowledge into how to break into a specific sector or industry, and can share their own career pathway with you. They may even be hiring, are open to you shadowing them for a day or can make a recommendation for you. It's also a good idea to connect with alumni you meet on LinkedIn and add them to your bank of connections!

Prepare for assessment centres

  • Assessment Centres are often the final stage of the recruitment process for graduate schemes 
  • The Careers & Employability Service often runs Mock Assessment workshops throughout the year. These practical workshops help to boost your confidence and understanding of Assessment Centres and give you some top tips for performing well. Students will take part in some typical group exercises and gain helpful feedback. Keep an eye on the events calendar for upcoming workshops
  • You can also accessed these online resources to help you prepare for assessment centres:
  •  It may also help to have a careers appointment to discuss your job search strategy and to receive guidance. Register to use the Careers Portal, go to the appointments tab and book your time slot here. Skype and phone appointments are also available. If you have any queries, contact the Careers team.

Prepare to get hired at our Careers Fairs

Careers Fairs are the ideal place for students who are in the 'Enact' stage. From the annual Careers Fair  in October and smaller Careers Fairs in the Event Space, the Careers & Employability Service regularly holds fairs where you have the opportunity to speak to employers who have come on campus specifically to meet students just like you, who have decided what they want to do after graduation, and are keen to get hired. These fairs are the right place for you to make the first point of contact with a company, sign up to their mailing list and ask questions about their application process. Consider our fairs as the first step in this process, and don't stop when you leave. You will know what they are expecting from applicants and you need to decide what you need to do to be successful in the application process. This may involve doing mock assessment centres, getting a CV or application check, improving your numeracy skills or practising online interviews.

Check what fairs are coming up soon here.

Get interview ready!

These resources will help you prepare for interviews. 


eLearning courses:


  • Practice video interview:  Most major companies require applicants to do video interviews. You have to respond to text or video interview questions and record your answers using your webcam for the employer to view later. Our interview stream facility helps you to prepare for this process and enables you to feel more confident about recorded interviews. You can even get Careers Consultant feedback on your responses.

Take action and prepare online with these Careers & Employability Service's Moodle Courses

Whatever your location, you can upskill and prepare for your graduate career in a place and at a time that works for you!


eLearning courses:


Start your graduate job hunt

Kick start your job hunting by browsing our web pages. We advertise up to 1,500 jobs every week – check out the ‘Jobs’ tab on the Careers Portal and filter by industry and job type.

Attend sector-focused careers weeks

Throughout the year, the Careers & Employability Service holds themed careers weeks. These events are the ideal opportunity for you to reaffirm your choices, ask alumni and employers for tips and advice on their sectors and applying to graduate jobs, graduate internships or graduate schemes. Find out more.

Meet with visiting employers

Attending Employer in Residence sessions, is a great way to ask questions about what it is really like to work in a particular job or organisation in an informal setting. Students can book to speak with visiting employers to explore their options in different sectors and for advice on applications in a relaxed, informal environment.

Graduate internships and placements

A graduate internship or placement is the ideal way for you to get your foot on the career ladder without the pressure of securing your dream garduate job. Most graduate internships last a few months. They are an excellent way to build your confidence, make industry contacts and hopefully help you on the way to getting a job. A substantial number of graduates get jobs through internships; either they impress the employer so much that they get hired, or they build up contacts in the industry and get recommended or are given a heads-up about unadvertised jobs. 

  • Check out the ‘Jobs’ tab on the Careers Portal and search by industry and job type
  • Many of the employers at our Careers Fairs are recruiting for graduate internships and placements.


Get professional work experience with a part-time job

When you are in the 'Enact' stage, it often helps to secure a part-time job or casual or seasonal work that allows you to put your degree skilss into action. This could be a summer job or short contract during the vacation. These opportunities are ideal ways to add professional work experience to your CV. When on campus, make sure to attend the autumn and spring term Part-time Jobs Fair. Discover our resources and find out more.


Explore your options for further study

Many of our graduates opt for further study here at Royal Holloway and in other universities.

You can explore our helpsheets on further study here.

Attend departmental events

Your department often organises employability-related events, workshops and presentations for students, and particularly final-year students.

We encourage you to take up the opportunity to attend events that are tailored for you and your fellow students.

Keep an eye out for events through emails from your department.