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Develop and Evalute

  • ‘I haven’t decided what I want to do yet’ 
  • 'I am considering what my strengths and skills are. I am thinking about what I might value in a job or workplace'

This stage is all about evaluating your own interests, ideas, experiences, skills, and values. It includes learning about yourself by taking part in developmental activities inside and outside your degree, gradually developing more self-knowledge, self confidence, and resilience and asking yourself questions such as:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • What skills do I have?
  • What would I want in a job of the future?
  • Do I have a clear career plan, or do I need to find out more?
  • What kind of working environment would suit me?

As well as attending many of the Careers & Employability Service's events and benefitting from the support available to all students through the service and in departments, there are a variety of activities across the College that you can do to start evaluating your options – we've listed some examples below.


Discover the other stages of the framework

You may realise that you're in one of the other stages. Check out the Explore and Enact pages and choose the one most suited to where you are now, and take one step to kick start your graduate career!

You can also complete our 'What stage are you at?' quiz on Moodle.

If you need more guidance on what stage you are at now, or want advice on how to move on to the next stage, you can book a one-to-one appointment with a Careers Consultant. Find out more.

What's on?

Discover 'What's on?' now on campus. These events and activities can help you to find out what you enjoy, assess what skills you have and want to learn, and learn more about the type of job you want in the future and what kind of working environment would suit you. Find out more.



Your Personal Tutor

You can discuss what stage you're at in planning for your future career with your Personal Tutor, who will point you in the right direction to help you decide what your next step may be.

Learn while you volunteer in the community

Volunteering is an ideal way to weigh up what skills you have, keep your skills up-to-date, expand your network, learn industry-related skills and demonstrate your ability to work in a team. Students who volunteer can add leadership, problem solving, adaptability, and communication as key skills on their CVs. Find out more.

Become an academic representative

Did you know that there are more than 400 elected academic reps in the College? Academic representation is a joint initiative between the College and the Students’ Union. It happens at four levels: course, department, faculty and university. It’s the job of each level to represent the academic interests of their respective cohort, making positive changes to the educational experiences of students across the College. These roles are great ways for you to get involved in something you feel strongly about and develop your confidence and resilience.

Find out more about the initiative and watch this space for your opportunity to get involved!

Gain a sports and coaching qualification

In 2017/18, Royal Holloway Sport helped over 65 students gain coaching and officials qualifications and they have more funding available for students this year.

Find out more.

Focus on your development with the Careers & Employability Service's Moodle resources

 Discover more about yourself and what you enjoy, and boost your development on Moodle.

These are some of the courses that may prove useful to you when you're in this stage:

Skill up with a part-time job

Working part-time is a good way to help cover living and academic expenses while studying. It’s also a way to gain valuable work experience before graduating

A part-time job is a great way to find out what you like and don’t like about a role and what you’re good at. Find out more.

Develop your skills 

These activities are all about your self-development. During your studies, you are learning skills that will stand to you in the modern workplace. The College's Skills Gateway offers you lots of opportunities to improve these skills that are valued by employers by skilling up online or with one-to-one advice. Check out the gateway and use the resources as an opportunity to evaluate what skills you have and how you cand get help to improve these skills. Find out more.

Apply for student roles

 You have the opportunity to apply to or get more information on various voluntary and paid roles. Next academic year you could get involved with volunteering, becoming a Peer Guide, join the Hall Life team, or take on a role in our Sports team. Paid and voluntary work can fit in alongside your studies and help you to develop new skills. The roles can also help you to explore ideas about your possible future career, and develop a network in those areas. Find out more about what student roles are available to you. 

Get help to improve your numeracy skills

Many employers require you to do numeracy skills test as part of the application process.  Need help on maths and numeracy skills? Bring your work and talk over your issues to with the CeDAS team in the International Building. No need to book: just turn up!

Wednesdays, 1-3pm, Beatrice Shilling Building 2-02/2-08

Thursdays, 11am-1pm,Beatrice Shilling Building 2-02/2-08

Volunteer to work in your department

Your department is always looking for students to help out at activities, which are great ways for you to learn more about your subject and meet lecturers and fellow students.

Speak to your Personal Tutor or contact your department's office.

Find out what interests you at sector-focused careers weeks

When you graduate you will have transferable skills that are valued in a variety of sectors. During your studies here at Royal Holloway, you have many opportunities to find out as much as you can about different career sectors and evaluate how you will fit into particular jobs roles and companies: What skills or qualifications do they look for? What is the work culture like?

The Careers & Employability Service's sector-focused careers weeks are a great way for you to weigh up and discover what sectors, types of companies and job roles may interest you. Find out more.

Volunteer with the College's Art and Archives Collections team

Are you interested in a career in arts, culture and heritage? By volunteering with our Art and Archive Collection teams, you'll have the opportunity to upskill, gain professional experience and work closely with our on-campus experts.

Email and

Start with what you enjoy! Join a club or society

The Evaluate stage is all about figuring out what you enjoy and what you want out of a job in the future. What better way to start than with something you're really interested in or curious about! Join a Students' Union club and society. There's literally something for everyone. Perhaps you'll even step up and take on a role where you'll learn transferable skills that will help to make you more employable.

Find out more.

Book a one-to-one appointment with a Careers Consultant

When you are in the 'Evaluate' stage, it helps to investigate your ideas with a Careers Consultant.

Register to use the Careers Portal, go to the appointments tab and book your time slot here

Skype and phone appointments are also available. If you have any queries, contact the Careers team.

Get help to identify your strengths

As part of the application process, many employers assess your strengths. The Careers & Employability Service regularly holds strengths workshops where you can learn how to identify your strengths and prepare for strength-based exercises in the future.
Keep an eye out here for upcoming workshops.

Register to use the Careers Portal, go to the events tab and book your place here.

Work for the Students' Union and benefit from their support

The Students' Union offers you the chance to work in a variety of roles here on campus.

Find out more.

Meet employers on campus

  • Hundreds of alumni and employers visit our campus every year to speak about student and graduate career opportunities, and to offer career coaching and top tips. Did you know that as part of the Careers & Employability Service's Employer in Residence Scheme, you can book to speak with visiting employers? These informal situations allow you to ask employers questions in an informal environment. These are ideal situations for you to evaluate what skills are valued in the workplace and assess the type of company and job roles that appeal to you
  • During term time, employers and alumni join us at events on campus at our events. From alumni panels to Careers Fairs and information sessions on specific sectors, you have the chance to engage with and network with employers. Find out more
  • Remember to keep an eye out for employer-led events in your department!

Evaluate your values

What are your top three values?

It's important for every person to understand what their personal values are and what's important to them when looking at potential employers and workplaces. For many people, working for an employer that reflects your values is crucial for your personal happiness and success in the workplace.

This handout will help you assess what your top three values are.