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Evaluate. Explore. Enact: Your career starts here

Evaluate, explore and enact now! 


Here at Royal Holloway, we've identified a framework and three stages for your employability journey; Evaluate. Explore. Enact.

Our resources are designed as a practical tool for you to engage with career planning in a really simple, direct fashion. This framework will help you even if you have no idea at all what jobs you would like to pursue; it will give you tools if you have some ideas of a career path already and would like to know more about your options; if you have clear and definite career plans, it will empower you to make strong and successful applications.

What stage are you at?

Discover what stage you are at in the employability journey.

Examine the three stages below, choose the one most suited to where you are now, and take one step to kick start your graduate career!

You can also complete our 'What stage are you at?' quiz on Moodle.


Your Career Starts Here orange


Your Career Starts Here orange



What next?

Remember, these stages are not purely linear: you might arrive at university with a long-held plan of pursuing a particular job, but gradually discover that you think you aren’t really suited to that after all. 

Similarly, you might be in your final year at the ENACT stage and are applying for particular jobs and schemes, and find that you need more work experience, or more connections. You would then be wise to return to the EXPLORE stage, to build a more solid foundation going forward.

We want these stages to be helpful, useful, and easy to follow. At any point in your career journey, the college is here to help you. Make the most of your Careers & Employability Service by attending events, connecting with our employers in residence, coming to workshops, and much more.

Your guide to what's happening on campus over the next few weeks

Here are just some of the ways that you can evaluate, explore and enact your career options alongside your studies. To begin, choose any event or activity that appeals to you and return as your personal journey evolves and changes.Do one thing now to make you more employable

It’s your pathway – do it your way.

Depending on what stage you're at in the framework, there are also many examples specific to each stage which demonstrate how you can 'Evaluate', 'Explore' and 'Enact' today!

What's on?

Get hired this summer

Calling all finalists – whatever stage you're at in your career journey, the Careers & Employability Service wants to help you prepare for the modern workplace and get hired! The Get hired this summer programme is designed to help you decide on your next step and guide you through the application process. Discover more.

Plan ahead! Jobs on campus for next year

There are many opportunities for students to work alongside your studies on a part-time or casual basis. These roles are the ideal way for you to gain value employability skills that will stand to you in the modern workplace.

Recruitment for roles occurs throughout the academic year and many interviews take place in May and June. 

You can find out more on our Jobs on campus page.

Recorded interview practice

Did you know that the Careers & Employability Service's Moodle pages include an online interview practice resource? As many recruiters now request recorded interviews, this facility can help you to feel more confident about the process. You can even get Careers Consultant feedback on your responses.
Go to Moodle > My Courses > Careers & Employability > Interviews to find out more. 

Voluntary roles

If you're interested in helping others and gaining valuable experience, you may want to consider registering as a volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in different activities, learn new skills and build your confidence and CV, all while helping local people. Register here

Apply for the Student Opportunities Fund

So far this academic year six student projects have benefited from the Student Opportunities Fund. If you – or a group of you – have a creative or innovative concept for a project, social enterprise or activity that requires funding to get you kick started, there's still time to apply for funding. Discover more.

Join a club or society

Through your involvement in campus life and your choice of co-curricular activities, you are learning new skills, many of which are transferable to the workplace! Discover more.

Volunteering Response Team

The Volunteering Response Team are a group of students who sign up to hear about last-minute volunteering opportunities over the course of the year, and get involved with a range of social action projects too. This can be anything from distributing leaflets for charity events to gardening, representing volunteering in the local community and much more! Sign up here or email the Volunteering team.

Gain a sports and coaching qualification

In 2017/18, Royal Holloway Sport helped over 65 students gain coaching and officials qualifications and they have more funding available for students this year.

Find out more.

Plan ahead and book in to a Careers event

Every week, there are events on campus where students from across the College have the opportunity to discover more about their career options in different sectors, as well as the opportunity to upskill at skills workshops and meet alumni and employers on campus. Check out the Careers Service events calendar to find out more.

Upskill at a time and in a location that works for you with the Skills Gateway

Do you want to sharpen your academic writing, learn the techniques to crack a maths problem, learn a language or build up your CV with workplace skills?
The Skills Gateway will take you to the most useful workshops, courses, one-to-one support and self-study resources to lift your performance to the next level, and help you to build the experience and skills that employers value.
Explore now.  

Nature Conservation

Twice a month the Nature Conservation project goes into the local woodlands with the National Trust to cut down invasive trees. If you want to find out more about the environment, or have any interest in a career in conservation, this is a great chance to get involved. It is also a fantastic way of seeing how national charities work in small communities around the country.  Have a look at the project’s Facebook group for more details. 

Get career ready on the Careers Moodle pages

If you prefer to upskill at a time and in a location that works for you, you can access online help sheets, eLearning courses and get advice on specific career-related topics on our new-look Moodle pages.

Register to join the 2019/20 RH100 panel

The RH100 is a large focus group made up of 100 student panellists from across Royal Holloway. The RH100 panel help to ensure that a range of views are considered in relation to developments at the College and on campus.

Students who would like to apply to join next year's RH100 can register their interest here. Find out more about the RH100's activities on the intranet

Book a one-to-one appointment with a Careers Consultants or get a CV/application check

Whatever stage you're at in the framework, it helps to investigate your ideas and get advice on your next step with a Careers Consultant. You can also book CV/Application Check appointments.

Register to use the Careers Portal, go to the appointments tab and book your time slot here

Skype and phone appointments are also available. If you have any queries, contact the Careers team.

Get involved

From fresher to finalist, we know that your journey to deciding what to do after graduation is unique to you. We want to support you throughout the process. Depending on your studies and interests, there are lots of activities to help you plan what you want to do in your future career.

Coaching and sports volunteering

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Part-time jobs

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Skills Gateway

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Volunteering Opportunities

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Students' Union

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Passport Award

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Careers Consultant Appointments

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Careers Moodle Pages

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Careers & Employability Service

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Sector-focused careers weeks

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Meet visiting employers

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Job Online

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