The College has advised me of my Student Number


By the time you receive correspondence from the College containing your student number an account using the same number should also be set up on the College's Finance system.

Applicants will be notified a Student Number that is 9 digits, e.g.100512345. When accessing epay enter all 9 numeric digits i.e. 100512345. 

If you know that the "Student Number" and "Date of Birth" details you are entering are correct but cannot access the service it may be that the service is not currently available.

The system is available for use at most times of the day and night.

It is not available when a security copy of the student database is being taken. This means that for a period of a few hours each night the system is unavailable.

Suggested course of action

  • Retry at another time. It may be that the system is temporarily unavailable.
  • If you still cannot access epay then send us an email including the following information;
    • The date and time when you tried to use epay
    • The "Student Number" you entered
    • The "Date of Birth" you selected
    • Your name and contact details. If you are a supporter such as a parent,guardian or sponsor rather than the student please say so and include the name of the Student whose Fees you were trying to pay.
  • When the details of the email have been investigated the Student Fees Office will respond appropriately. In order to protect confidentiality of our students this will normally be directly to the Student or prospective Student.


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