Early payment discount

You could save 2% off your tuition fees by paying early

Royal Holloway offers a 2% discount off your tuition fees if you pay at least 21 days before your first term in AY2020-21.


You are eligible for the discount if:

  • You have fees greater than £500
  • You are studying a standard, full year programme that results in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • You pay your fees at least 21 days before your term of enrolment starts

You are not eligible for the discount if:

  • You are studying for a Pre-Sessional English Language Programme
  • You are studying on an International Foundation Year
  • You are studying for a modular postgraduate programme
  • You enrol late
  • You don't pay for a full year of fees (e.g you're on mixed or block learning modes)
  • Your fees are paid by a sponsor

How it works

To get the discount, you need to have paid your fees (minus the 2% discount) and complete online sign-up at least 21 days before the term you're enrolling for begins. For spring term 2021, the early payment deadline date is 4pm on 21st December 2020.

When you pay your fees, remember to reduce your payment by the amount of the discount plus anything you've already paid; the table below shows some examples.  You can see a record of your payments and invoices due for payment on the Finance tab of Campus Connect.

Once you've made your payment, we'll update your record on Campus Connect with the discount after the deadline date. You don't need to email us to ask for the discount.

Changes and overpayments

If for any reason your tuition fees change during the year (eg. we reduce them for any reason), we'll usually change the discount accordingly.

If you accidentally overpay (such as by not reducing your fees by the discount) we'll apply these extra funds against any other invoices there might be on your account (for accommodation, for example). If you'd like a refund instead, email us.

Discount examples

Terms and conditions apply: full details can be found in the Student Fee Regulations (Section 3.4)

What you owe Discount (2%) Final amount you pay
£7,900.00 £158.00 £7,742.00
£9,250.00 £185.00 £9,065.00
£9,400.00 £188.00 £9,212.00
£11,600.00 £232.00 £11,368.00
£12,670.00 £253.40 £12,416.60
£15,900.00 £318.00 £15.582.00
£16,800.00 £336.00 £16,464.00
£17,300.00 £346.00 £16,954.00
£17,900.00 £358.00 £17,542.00
£18,300.00 £366.00 £17,934.00
£19,000.00 £380.00 £18,620.00
£20,900.00 £418.00 £20,482.00
£21,000.00 £420.00 £20,580.00
£22,600.00 £452.00 £22,148.00


The deadline for early payment discount is Wedmesday 6 September 2017