00:00 (zerohundredhours)

Led by Rebecca Goh

This drama performance was an extra-curricular, independent staging of an original play 00:00 (zero hundred hours). The show dates were the 7th, 8th and 9th December 2018 and it was the first ever performance to be staged at the Packhorse, specifically the pavilion outside.

00:00 is a look at what goes on behind the scenes; the people who clean up, sanitise, disinfect, and come into existence after the world has gone to sleep. Following the lives of workers employed with Network Rail as part of the “Specialist Cleaning Team”, this production examines the collateral damage and impact of railway suicides. From train drivers to social media managers, from commuters to the decontamination crew, 00:00 takes the audience on a high-speed kaleidoscopic journey beneath the façades we wear; mental health, society, masculinity, and messy aftermaths in modern Britain. The production team worked closely with Samaritans and Network Rail, two organisations which feature heavily in the performance. As the play aims to inspire change in the community and to raise awareness of hidden or suppressed perspectives, reaching out to those two organisations as students who are passionate about exploring such social issues would help improve public perception of students. This complements Royal Holloway’s reputation as an institution which has historically been at the forefront of socio-political advocacy. A portion of our ticket sales would be donated directly to charity, specifically the Samaritans organisation, as well.

00-00 rehearsal 3