Food Recycling Scheme

Volunteering project

The Royal Holloway Food Recycling Scheme is a Royal Holloway Social Action project which is focused on taking food that would otherwise be wasted on campus and delivering it to charities that can use it to feed the homeless and needy.  Benefits of the Scheme: 

  • Provides food for the charities who help people in need
  • Students have the opportunity to meet a variety of new people while they volunteer
  • Increases interaction between students and the wider community 
  • Increases student knowledge about food waste Foodand how they can encourage change in their own lives
  • Learn how to problem solve with issues that arise while volunteering 
  • Prevents the food from going into landfill.


The items to be funded are portable freezer bags for transporting the food. So far, the project leaders were able to create a partnership with the Student’s Union Shop. However, in the future the volunteers hope to partner with other food outlets at the university and turn this into a bigger project, significantly reducing food waste on campus.