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Overseas Funds

These funds are awarded to full-time students from outside the UK.

We provide hardship funds to support students who are facing financial hardship and where there is a possibility of you having to withdraw/ interrupt your studies.


How to apply:

  1. Make sure you fit the criteria to apply for this fund
  2. Complete the Hardship Application Form
  3. Arrange for your personal adviser / tutor to complete the Academic Reference
  4. Ensure you have photocopies/ screen prints of the following supporting documents  (that are relevant to you)
  • 3 months bank statements for ALL your bank accounts (ISA, Savings, Current etc.)
  • If living off campus - Tenancy Agreement/ Rent Book/ Mortgage Statements
  • Child Tax Credit/ Childcare Invoices or Receipts
  • Housing Benefit
  • Partners financial documentation
  • Academic Reference (see point 3 above)

         5. Contact the Student Financial Wellbeing Office to make an appointment to go through your application

Please make sure you have all photocopied documentation ready for your appointment. Without this we are unable to complete your application

Hardship Fund Regulations