Sep 26 2018

Our Volunteering team are hosting a Festival of Volunteering on Wednesday 26 September, during Welcome Week, providing a showcase of volunteering opportunities. From inspiring workshops and expert panels led by some leading names in the voluntary sector to a film screening and alumni coaching, it’s a great opportunity for you to get involved and learn about the volunteering opportunities available to you, 

The Festival will be hosted in a variety of different locations across campus:

  • Circus tent (on Founder's Square) - The circus tent is the festival information point, as well as home of the vInspired and Passport Award stands, and the free circus skill sessions.
  • Community Action zone (on Founder's Square) - Meet our Volunteering team's amazing community partners covering a range of opportunities including young people, homelessness and mental health.
  • Social Action zone (off Founder's Square towards the South Tower) - All of our student-led projects with connected community partners, providing amazing opportunities close to campus.
  • Sports Volunteering zone (off Founder's Square towards the South Tower) - Come and find out about local sport charities our Volunteering team work with, and hear about fun opportunities on campus.
  • Volunteering Abroad zone (Davison Building Atrium) - Discover more about volunteering abroad from our Volunteering team's partners.
  • Community Research zone (on Founder's Square) - Put your research abilities to good use by supporting local charities. A great fit for Postgraduate students looking to hone their skills.
  • Inspriring workshops (Davison Building Event Space) - A range of workshops will be held from 12.30-5pm, helping students to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Activity Area (Davison Building foyer) - Come wrap up a gift box with Love in a Box, and fill it with treats. The boxes will then be sent to children and adults in Bulgaria. 
  • Meet the charities (Founder's East 139 and George Eliot 1-01) - Our Volunteering team's community partners will be giving quick talks about their opportunities from 12-4pm, so come along for a chat.
  • Hear from the experts (various locations) - Some leading names in the voluntary sector will be joining us to share their insights.
  • Film screening (Windsor Auditorium) - At 7pm we will be screening a film with a great community message, introduced by one of our community partners.
  • Alumni Coaching Cafe (outside of the Davison Building) - Take part in “Speed Coaching” with the alumni who made volunteering a part of their university experience, and discover what they now do.



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