May 03 2020
The alternative assessment period begins tomorrow and I would like to wish you all the best of luck in completing your online assessments. 

As we all know, the circumstances in which we live, study and work have changed. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to support you in your studies and to make sure that the degree you’ve worked hard for reflects your achievements.

All of the information on alternative assessments, including where to go for support, can be found on the examinations and assessments 2020 information hub

Recognising the impact the pandemic has had on all aspects of life, we have put a number of measures in place to ensure that you are not academically disadvantaged as a result of the current unprecedented circumstances, including the College Safety Net and ‘Best 90’ Policy

It is important that you approach your alternative assessments with the same commitment and preparation that you would have for exams and assessments that would have been undertaken in normal circumstances. We look to you to complete them to the best of your ability and remembering that the usual rules and academic regulations apply.

Information and guidance is available on the student intranet, including advice on studying remotely. Details of how to access support and advice from our Student Advisory and Wellbeing team is also provided, please make use of these services if you feel anxious or need support. 
Professor Paul Layzell