May 05 2019

The RH100 panel is a large focus group made up of 100 students from across Royal Holloway. RH100 helps to ensure that a range of views are considered in relation to developments around campus and provide insights that help us to test ideas, develop our thinking and inform how we shape the College for the future.
As we approach the end of this academic year, now is the ideal time to recognise the panel’s success, and invite you to apply to be part of next year's panel.

Since RH100 was created in 2016, we’ve seen the impact of the panellists’ work on everyday student life. For example; they informed the update on our sports facilities, gave feedback on the Library when the Davison Building opened, and contributed to the new ‘Evaluate. Explore. Enact’ employability framework.

Since November, the panellists have discussed a wide range of topics that will help to improve the future student experience at Royal Holloway. Their input on scholarships and bursaries has informed the value and type of awards that we are proposing to offer students from 2020, and their suggestions on online and digital resources for the Library are useful as we develop new learning and teaching resources.

Taking part is also valuable for RH100 members. When surveyed recently, the panellists listed presentation, decision-making, negotiation and organisation skills as the top four employability skills they gained from being part of RH100, and 91% said that they would recommend being a member of the panel to a friend.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each panel member for their contributions this year.


Professor Paul Layzell


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