Oct 06 2019
Listening to the voices of students is really important to us; your views about what works here at Royal Holloway, and what we can do to support you even more, are essential to our continued development. There are a number of ways you can ensure your student voice is heard. For example the Students’ Union recently opened their nominations for Academic Representatives, this is an opportunity for you to work with your peers to ensure academic interests are being represented across the College. Another is by joining the RH100 panel.

The RH100 is a large focus group made up of 100 students from across Royal Holloway. The RH100 panel helps to ensure that a range of views are considered in relation to developments around campus and it provides insights that help us to test ideas, develop our thinking and inform how we shape the College for the future.

Past RH100 panel discussions have fed into plans for cross-College modules, with the panel providing key insight that the project team could take forward. The panellists’ input on scholarships and bursaries have informed the recommendations for the value and type of awards that the College will be offering to students starting their studies with us in 2020/21. Following a discussion on the library and online and digital teaching provisions, the RH100’s observations have informed a new suite of resources which is now available on the library Moodle page.

I would like to thank all of you who were part of RH100 last year, your involvement and contribution was invaluable. If you would like to be on the panel this year, I hope you’ll explore this opportunity to use your student voice.


Professor Paul Layzell