Feb 08 2019
February marks LGBT+ History Month and this year the themes are peace, activism and reconciliation. Royal Holloway was founded on principles of equality and access to education for everyone, principles that were at the root of what our founders stood for. We continue to stand by these principles, and I hope that everyone will support LGBT+ History Month activities that are happening across the College.

Tomorrow (Monday 4 February), our College Archives team will be displaying LGBT+ archives from the College's history in the Davison Building Exhibition Space. The collection includes diary entries and photographs and acknowledges the College's LGBT+ community through the ages. The display is the direct result of archive research undertaken by the LGBT+ student society. On Tuesday 5, the LGBT+ society will also host a Rainbow lunch, alongside the College's LGBT+ Staff Network.

We have also launched an Introduction to Trans Awareness course for the College community on Moodle. The course includes a section on 'How to be a Trans Ally' and explores the topic of inclusive language. I would encourage you to take part in this course during the month of February in support of LGBT+ History Month.

I believe we are strengthened by our diversity however, Brexit negotiations have created uncertainty about the UK’s future relationship with Europe. We’re preparing for a number of Brexit outcomes. Where we have information that might help to minimise the possible impact of Brexit on our students and staff, we'll share it. The latest update covers travel and insurance and you can find out more on the intranet.


Professor Paul Layzell