Nov 14 2021
As our COP26 Forum comes to a close, I wanted to look back on the excellent range of different events and activities that have taken place both on campus and online in the past two weeks. From discussions about food waste and the food and drink we consume and buy on campus, to a vegan and vegetarian food festival and a conversation with BBC journalist Tom Heap about his new book, 39 Ways to Save the Planet, there’s been something for everyone.

Back in October, we ran a competition where all students were invited to submit creative responses to climate change and sustainability. There were many varied entries; many congratulations to the students who were awarded our cash prize of £100 for the winning entry in their school. 

Since 27 October, we have also been releasing daily blog posts from a range of our academics relating to each of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The blogs reflect on why these goals matter as well as offering a gateway into our research and teaching worlds, that by necessity, are diverse in approach and interests. Recognising that the UN’s 2020 report on the SDGs warned that “progress” towards those goals and targets is likely to be tougher post-pandemic, our academics wanted to take the opportunity to reassess why these goals matter and how universities like ours are able to contribute.

Climate change is a huge problem that we all have a role in helping to tackle. I hope that you all enjoyed the events and activities that have taken place over the past two weeks and found the Forum itself to be inspirational and informative.  

Professor Paul Layzell