Nov 25 2018
Last week, Council, our governing body, approved Academic Board’s recommendation to dissolve our three Faculties and to create six new Schools. Departments will remain, with each School containing around four academic departments. The Schools will be broadly of equivalent size.

The move to a School structure is a big step towards us being in better shape to meet your needs. Over the coming year, and beyond, we will continue to review how we do things and how we use our resources to improve in areas that matter to you. Replacing Faculties with Schools enables us to maintain the strengths of your department, as we recognise how important these are to you. In addition, it will enable administrative hubs to build on the high standards established within departmental admin teams while taking full advantage of opportunities to deliver services better.

The Students’ Union have been involved in the development of this plan and are represented on Academic Board where they gave a clear representation of the views of students, welcoming the proposal.

The first Students' Union Education Council of the year took place on Tuesday 13 November. During part of the meeting, Professor Katie Normington Deputy Principal (Academic), presented on our academic structure plans. The Students’ Union highlighted the importance of being transparent with you on the restructure and it was great to hear that so many of our student representatives were there to represent your academic interests.

Attendees of the meeting had an opportunity to ask a range of questions to Katie. From these questions, and others, we have compiled a list of FAQs on the restructure that you can read on the intranet. These FAQs will be updated and added to as we progress in the delivery of the restructure.

To find out more about the academic restructure, you can visit the student intranet. I will be updating you as our plans progress, in 2019.


Professor Paul Layzell