Feb 09 2020
Tomorrow marks the beginning of national Student Volunteering Week, which takes place from Monday 10 to Sunday 16 February. The purpose of the week is to showcase student volunteering and inspire more people to get involved in bringing about positive change.

Throughout the week there will be a number of events taking place showcasing the variety of volunteering opportunities available to you, whether this is getting involved in activities on campus or helping out in the local community. You can find out more about the events happening this week on the student intranet and discover more about volunteering opportunities on the volunteering online platform.

Volunteering is also an opportunity to demonstrate to future employers how you have expanded your skills during your studies, for example communication skills, resilience and the ability to work in a team and perhaps lead it. As part of Student Volunteering Week, applications are currently open for 2020/21 volunteer leadership roles.

Other student roles on campus currently open for applications are Hall Life and Peer Guide roles. By taking advantage of these opportunities offered during your time here, you can stand out to employers, helping you to succeed in life beyond our campus.