May 15 2022

We are Chris and Steve, the Harassment and Wellbeing Advisers, and we work in the Wellbeing department here at Royal Holloway. As members of the Wellbeing: Support and Guidance team, we provide practical support and guidance to students who are struggling with personal wellbeing issues. Where we differ from our teammates however, is we also act as the first point of contact for students reporting incidents of any form of harassment, bullying or violence. In these situations, we offer support to all students involved, ensuring that any reported behaviour is addressed, in the hopes of preventing further incidents and educating students about dignity and respect. We both have experience of dealing with a wide range of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and we really feel that we can offer the right support to anyone who walks through our door. Where students can feel uncomfortable or unsure about reporting incidents to the police, we can talk them through this process and what they may be able to expect, if they choose to report it. 

Students can email us at but you can also report matters of harassment, bullying or violence to us via the RH Be Heard online form. For students who wish to remain anonymous, this reporting tool allows you to do that. For students who want to receive support and liaise with us, there is also the option to give your full details. 

Earlier this year we asked our students to fulfil the White Ribbon promise of challenging behaviour they witness that they believe could constitute, or encourage, harassment of women. We are planning further proactive campaigns for next year and are looking forward to continuing to champion the principles of kindness and respect in our community. 

Chris Evans and Steve Stubbs
Harassment and Wellbeing Advisers, Wellbeing: Support and Guidance