Aug 16 2019

HV Maintenance

From Saturday 24 August until Monday 26 August there will be temporary power outages across a few buildings on campus.

A temporary road will be installed on Tuesday 20 August, and a skip and generator will be delivered on Thursday 22 August. The locations of these are marked on the map.

The power outage dates and times have been confirmed:

Saturday 24 August:

Founder's Building (East) - 8-9.30am

Jane Holloway Hall - 8-9.30am

Windsor Building - 9-10.30am

Founder's Building (West) - 10-11.30am

Sunday 25 August:

Founder's Building (East) - 2.30-4.30pm

Windsor Building - 2.30-4.30pm

Monday 26 August:

Founder's Building (West) - 8-10am


The older part of the Moore Building will lose power from 8am on Sunday 25 August until 10am on Monday 26 August.

During the power outage the network will not be available as there will not be any power, but should be restored when power is back on.