Jan 11 2019

Over the past week, work has been taking place to remove a conifer hedgerow in the area behind the Students' Union. These works will allow for the view to be opened up into the woodland area and the pond, allowing a greater amount of light in and encouraging natural regeneration of the woodland. 

The hedgerow had been showing signs of decline with a number of the trees failing which could cause a risk of them falling. In addition to this, essential utility works were carried out at the end of 2018, which resulted in a section of the hedgerow being removed and leaving an unsightly gap.

Further routine woodland management of the area will be carried out throughout the winter while the trees are dormant and ahead of bird-nesting season. A timber rail fence will then be installed on the high ground around the pond to ensure the area remains safe. The longer-term plan for the area is to carry out enhancement of the pond vegetation, to increase biodiversity and improve the overall appearance, as the pond forms an essential element of the sustainable drainage required for existing and new buildings on the campus.