Jun 10 2019

The face of retail banking is changing rapidly, particularly as customers move to mobile and online banking and the closure of town centre bank branches.

Santander, which operates a branch on campus, are committed to supporting UK higher education, but are amending their opening hours to reflect changes in the retail sector.  Campus branches are having their opening hours reduced to term-time only and opening hours that better reflect demand.  This means that we expect the branch to be open for three and a half days per week.  We are seeking further details from Santander, as well as the support to be offered for students who arrive prior to the start of the new academic year.

Royal Holloway and Santander have had a long term, successful partnership for the last ten years.  By this autumn,  Royal Holloway will have received over £1m in donations from the Bank, supporting a wide variety of projects from choral scholarships to most recently, support for the SU’s work with BAME students.