May 29 2019

Following feedback from our sports clubs, we will be investing £35,000 to improve the drainage system on Eastfield to increase its accessibility and to improve the pitch quality. The pitch was constructed in 2015 and this is the final phase of the work to improve the pitch's overall performance.

The installation of additional primary and secondary drainage will minimise water logging and therefore reduce cancellations, as well as provide a better quality playing surface in general. To ensure that the quality of the playing surface is maintained for fixtures, the pitch will continue to be used as a match pitch only with the ability to host up to five fixtures per week. Drainage works take over 12 months to see the full benefits but we should experience a significant improvement when we experience prolonged periods of wet weather next season. The works will bring the total investment for this specific match pitch to over £250,000 in the last four years.

The improvements will be completed over the summer period to ensure that there is no disruption to any current club bookings and we expect to see a hugely positive impact for our sports clubs and their sporting experience during their time at the College.

Please note that the pitch will be off limits during the works, including an eight-week recovery period, but will be ready in time for the first fixtures in October.