Sep 27 2019

Based on feedback from students at last year’s Academic Rep Conference, the Students’ Union have worked with the College to increase the uptake of lecture recording. This has resulted in a six fold increase in lectures scheduled to be recorded, compared with the previous academic year.

Lecture recordings are used to support your work after the class, including for revision and for students with particular educational needs. Recordings are provided as support material, and are not a replacement for the richer interaction that takes place in the lecture itself.

In addition to the increase in the uptake of lecture recording, improvements have also been made in our Windsor Auditorium and the Boilerhouse and Founder’s lecture theatres.

These changes include:

  1. Installing more responsive temperature control in the Windsor and Boilerhouse lecture rooms
  2. Improved traffic management with directional signage to ease congestion before and after lectures
  3. The installation of visualisation units following a successful trial in the Shilling lecture theatre.