Sep 27 2019

Over the summer, the College made the difficult decision to re-establish closed hours for the back gate because of a significant increase in complaints from residents living in the local community. The complaints related to excessive noise and disturbance as students left campus late at night and in the early hours of the morning.

The back gate is locked at 12.30am each night and re-opens at 5am. Swipe card access is not possible during these times.  Since the start of term, CCTV footage from the area shows that a small number of students have attempted to climb over the gate during the closed hours.  Please do not attempt to climb the gate, this is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury.

If you're returning home from a night at the Students' Union or Medicine, we encourage you to use the Union Bus. Starting at 10pm, the bus takes you from campus, directly to your front door (within a three mile radius). You can purchase a pass that includes ten trips for £10 or individual tickets, costing £1.50, can be bought from the Union Helpdesk, on the night or in advance from the SU website