Apr 02 2020

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is a once in a lifetime event that has far-reaching consequences for us all professionally and personally. It is clear the global response to the pandemic will continue for some time and our new ways of living, studying and working will become the norm for the foreseeable future.

The health and wellbeing of our community is of the utmost importance to us, so to help you to navigate your new ways of studying, we have put together a range of top tips and advice:

1. Get dressed – it sounds simple but showering and getting changed will help you feel mentally ready to be productive with your studies. It also helps to separate your leisure time from your work time.

2. Create a routine – organising yourself and your time will help you in being more productive. If you structure your day by writing a to do list, then you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you start ticking them off. Remember to frame your day by giving yourself breaks; go for a morning jog, call a friend on your lunch break, practice some yoga in the evening or bake. Having things to look forward to will motivate you to push through your to do list.

3. Set up a working space – this may be harder for some, but trying to set up a space where you can work will be beneficial. You may find that it helps to change up your workspace throughout the day but make it clear to other members of your household that this is where you will be working. Having a workspace allows you to put yourself in work mode and leaves spaces within your home for you to relax when you’re not studying.

As a reminder, if you are worried about coronavirus and your wellbeing, a list of the services our Student Advisory and Wellbeing team are now delivering online and digitally, can be found on the student intranet. You can also email supportingyouroyalholloway.ac.uk. Please continue to follow the government’s advice with regard to staying at home, social distancing and handwashing, and continue to monitor the student intranet and social media for updates.