Feb 21 2020

Union workshops will allow you to have your say on projects that impact you. They will cover a range of themes including security, events, and support. You can sign up to a workshop that you feel passionate about, and have your say. 

The first Union Workshop will be held on Monday (24 February) from 2.30-4.30pm in the Event Space. It will cover the following themes:

  • Security Review: In this section, you will be focusing on your experiences with security at the Studen Union (SU) or Medicine. The SU want to hear them, good or bad, as well as specific areas you would like to see improvements on to ensure a better experience.
  • Evening Events: The SU have been diversifying some of our offerings through unique nights at Medicine however, they would like to know what you want. What events are missing? Who are the rising artists that you want to see on stage?
  • Tickets & Wristbands: The SU will be exploring the current journey you go through when purchasing tickets and some of the thinking behind it before considering what improvements can be made.

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