Feb 11 2020

Student minds have launced a new website called, The Wellbeing Thesis, an online resource for postgraduate research students to support your wellbeing, learning and research.

About the Wellbeing Thesis

The website provides information to improve the mental health of postgraduate research students. It provides a national, open access web-resource, hosted by Student Minds charity. It takes a prevention and early intervention approach and aims to support postgraduate research student mental wellbeing. The website provides a proactive resource to postgraduate research students and considers the whole postgraduate research experience, and supporting positive cultural change towards good mental health. 

How did the Content of the Website Develop? 

The content and topics of the website were developed and shaped by several co-creational panels of PGR students and an extensive literature review. The PGR students’ co-creational panels provided main themes that would influence the structure and information within this website. The literature review informed further the topics and research behind the content of the website. Collectively forming a comprehensive research based informative website.    

The topics and themes throughout the website are based on PGR peer reviewed research and overall wellbeing peer reviewed research.  

Click here to visit the website and find out more