Jul 03 2020

We need as many participants as possible in our survey which is on-line and accessible at the above location. We particularly need diverse participants from different ethnic, social and sexuality groups.  This survey is open to all students at the College. 

This is part of a broad project we have established on issues of generational equity and attitudes, seeking to gain the views of the younger generations of Millennials and Generation Z. A literature has explored how everything from monetary policy to housing and university policy has impacted to the potential detriment of these generations. They have grown up with the Financial Crisis and now the Pandemic. The younger generations have responded with activism such as Extinction Rebellion.  We are particularly focussed upon how individuals of different backgrounds and identities have potentially different political and philosophical views, and different approaches to activism. 

We would be grateful for your help. If you have any difficulties, or want to engage further in our project or comment on the survey, please contact j.frankrhul.ac.uk (Professor Jeff Frank, Department of Economics). 

click here to complete the survey - https://www.soscisurvey.de/test214422/